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Outlook Today - Customized for Multiple Calendar Display

***Please note this is version specific.  It may or may not work with newer versions of Outlook but you are on your own for that as I am no longer managing nor using this solution.  My apologies.  I wish this was an inherent feature with Outlook and wasn't needed in the first place.***

If you have been searching on how to customize the Outlook Today screen to incorporate more than one calendar, the information on this site will assist you with that.  Natively, Outlook does not provide this feature through its interface but using the provided HTML code, a few adaptions within it for your Calendar names and one registry change and you should be good to go.

The above screen shows the potential output of this customization.  Some basic HTML coding skills and you can change this around and even display tasks (which I have left off of my Outlook Today screen).

These are the steps for Outlook 2013.

The following instructions will guide you through the process of customizing the Outlook Today screen in which you will display your email account inboxes as well as four calendars – side by side.

  1. Close Outlook and keep it closed until step 6.


2. Customize the Microsoft provided built-in Outlook Today form with all of the email accounts you wish to display.  You can add or remove them later but this will need to be done via Registry changes.  It’s much easier to do this before starting your Outlook Today customization implementations.


3. Place HTML code in a folder.  The HTML code is available here.  Extract by right clicking on the folder.


4. Once you do this next step, you will unhook the Microsoft provided Outlook Today form. 


Add regedit for the external URL.



With the data pointing to the location used in step 2.

This should look something like:  File://T:\Dropbox\OutlookToday\OutlookToday.htm


Please note:  To revert back to the hook back into the Microsoft provided Outlook Today form, simply delete the Url entry you just added.  The Url entry takes precedence over the CustomURL entry.

5. Update HTML code.  See documentation references within the code.


6. Start Outlook to see your Customized Outlook Today screen.  If you need to make changes to the code, exit Outlook and then reload after the changes to the HTML file have been saved.  Sometimes the REFRESH option will show your changes, sometimes not.


Further customizations can be done through the Registry Editor in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\OFFICE\15.0\OUTLOOK\TODAY area.  One nice change you can make is the number of days forward your customized Outlook Today screen displays.

To add additional folders to your email accounts, add those into the Folders area following the content you will see in that location.